There is a good reason though – I had a sudden and irrepressible urge to make a plushie pony.

I mean honestly, who doesn’t?? 😉

I’ve always dabbled in sewing from when I was a child and apart from a few tips from my mum, I haven’t had any actual training. But I’ve always enjoyed making things and plushies are no exception.

Over the years I taught myself how to read and make patterns and made lots of clothing and costumes and a few (very basic) plushies. They were two dimensional with basic shapes and very easy to make, but this time I felt like a bit of a challenge. And what better way to challenge myself than to start on three dimensional ponies?

And they really were a challenge! Haha, ha, aaaaahh…

Throughout July, I researched (well, obsessed over), how to make different three dimensional shapes, what materials to use, specific stitches and lots of other things (sooo many things!!), and after a great deal of trial and error I came up with what I thought was a cute, fun and friendly looking pony.

This is the prototype in calico.

kwhiteford2015_plushiepony02I know he’s bald, but this was about checking the pattern and making sure all the pieces fit together the way I wanted them to.

Calico isn’t the best material for making plushies because it frays like crazy! But it was perfect for testing my ideas.

There were a few adjustments made to the pattern after this pony, but this was the one where things really came together. There were a couple of earlier attempts which I shall hide in shame and embarrassment.

Aaanyhoos, once I was happy with the prototype and fixed a few things in my pattern, it was time to move onto the real pony! 😀

I chose micro fleece for the body and hooves because it is sooo soft and perfect for a squishy plushie, and 8 ply wool for the mane and tail.

kwhiteford2015_plushiepony03Then it was simply a matter of cutting out all the pieces, sewing them together, adding a couple of eyes (I used 12mm safety eyes), the wool, a lot of stuffing and BAM – we have a pony! 😀

kwhiteford2015_plushiepony04Sooo, there were a few things I didn’t really think about as I made this pony.

Like the fact that micro fleece stretches in one direction and I hadn’t really accounted for that. As a result, the face and a few other areas came out…weird.

I also had way too much wool in the mane and not enough in the tail, but that was easy fixed.

But in making these mistakes I learned what worked (and what didn’t), and it was easy to figure out which way to lay the pattern on the material as I cut out the pieces for my next one. And I knew how much wool to use for her mane and tail.

And BAM (take two) – I made the first good pony! 😀

kwhiteford2015_plushiepony05What do you think? 😀 I couldn’t help but feel a bit proud of the fact that this pony was based on a pattern I designed myself, and it actually looked the way I wanted it to!

She’s not perfect, but I really enjoyed making her. Far more than I thought I would, actually.

And then it hit me.

And it hit hard.

The bug to sew more, many more ponies in more colours! 😀 And sew began (see what I did there?! 😉 ), a new and unexpected venture into plushie making!

kwhiteford2015_plushie_poniesI told my husband I’m making an army of ponies. He thinks I’m joking, hehe. 😉


Hi, I’m Kat! An Australian artist who loves painting fantasy characters and illustrations.


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