Sparrows are often overlooked as painting subjects go, because there are just so many of them around us – all the time. We tend not to even notice their existence in our day to day lives.

But I love them.

I love watching them in my backyard and I can honestly say, each and every one of them has their own distinct personality. You can see for yourself just by watching them for a few minutes.

So, naturally, I had to do a painting of them. 🙂 I used a photo by Caz Theologo on Paint My Photo as a reference for the sparrows, and my own reference for the blossoms (I love Spring!).

Acrylic Bird Painting and VideoAcrylics on 16×20 inch canvas.

The idea for painting two sparrows (rather than a whole bunch of them), came from Matthew 10:29-31. I wanted it to be a pretty painting but also a reminder of just how important each and every one of us is. That means you too. 🙂

I also filmed the whole process and uploaded it to YouTube – my first speed painting video! 😀 The lighting isn’t the best but I’m working on a better set up for the next one.



Hi, I’m Kat! An Australian artist who loves painting fantasy characters and illustrations.


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