First of all, here’s the finished Red Tailed Hawk in colour pencil. 🙂 I used Derwent Artist, Prismacolor Premier and a black Polychromos on Arches Smooth 100% Cotton Watercolour Paper, 8×10 inches.

Colour pencil artwork. Finished Red Tailed Hawk in colour pencil.


Second of all, I have a shiny new website!!! 😀

I finally stepped into the 21st century and set up a self hosted WordPress site and wow, life will be much easier when it comes to updating things! Don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. 😛

You may have noticed my old art blog has been integrated into the website itself. So if you signed up to follow on the old site you’ll still be notified of new posts here! 😀

Although, if you hit the “Follow” button on the old blog, new posts will still be in your Reader but you won’t get an email notification (out of my hands, sorry). You can of course hit the new Subscribe button to the right if you specifically want email notifications. 😉 If you subscribed by email on the old site then you’ll still be notified as normal.

I hope you enjoy this new place (I know I am!) and the new colour pencil artwork! 😀


Hi, I’m Kat! An Australian artist who loves painting fantasy characters and illustrations.


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