I finally decided to try oil painting!

Many artists I admire including Howard Lyon, Heather Theurer, Annie Stegg Gerard, Kerry Simmons, Mark Carder and Donato Giancola, use oils (for at least some of their work), and I decided it was about time I tried them for myself. I’ve always thought oils would be too difficult or toxic for me to learn, but after watching lots of beginner videos/tutorials and reading as much as I could about the paints and mediums, it’s really not that hard.

This is my first actual painting after a little testing on a small canvas. It’s rough and I only did a very quick sketch for the dragon itself, but the purpose was to understand how oils work rather than produce a brilliant artwork.

I started off using Liquin as my medium and Gamsol for clean up, but after a little experimentation I actually preferred Gamsol as my medium instead of Liquin. I just like the way it smooths the paint and allows for easy colour mixing on my palette.

Anyhoos, I absolutely love oils! They move beautifully across the surface and blend incredibly easily. And that’s one of the things I love the most about them – there is plenty of time to blend! No more worrying about paint drying in seconds like acrylics tend to do (unless I’m constantly adding water via the airbrush, but that can get a bit annoying).

Another thing I adore is the strength of colour in the pigment! I had no idea the paintng was going to be this bright but I was so happy that it handled the crazy bright colours. My next painting will be more subdued but since this was just a test, I was pretty happy with it.

This painting was another of the themed artworks I’m doing with Mandy. The theme was Spiky.


Title: Spiky.
Size: 8×10 inches.
Medium: Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oils on canvas board.


Hi, I’m Kat! An Australian artist who loves painting fantasy characters and illustrations.


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