Here is a little painting of an oil bottle, an orange and a camellia flower. I set up the reference photo myself so I could use things with different colours and shapes but not be too overwhelmed by too many objects.

In all honesty, I’m not a huge fan of painting still life but it was a great exercise if nothing else. There is so much to learn about using oils and this was another step in understanding them.

I started with an under painting in burnt umber. I really love covering the surface with paint and wiping away mid tones and highlights, it sets up a map for the rest of the painting so I don’t need to think about where my values go as I add colour.

still life

The first time I used Liquin I wasn’t really impressed with it, but I think that was more to do with me not understanding how to use it properly. For this painting it worked really well!

still life

Title: Still Life.
Size: 8×10 inches.
Medium: Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oils on a canvas board.
Reference: My own.


Hi, I’m Kat! An Australian artist who loves painting fantasy characters and illustrations.


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