Yes, you read that right – a painting completed in 10 minutes…

Sounds crazy, right? But it is possible. I had a lot of fun and was just a little bit stressed as I watched my timer counting down way too fast, lol, but it was definitely worth doing.

The challenge was created by Ryan O’Rourke on YouTube and anyone can try it! The rules are simple too:

1. You must start with a black or white canvas or paper.
2. You can have your idea already sketched out.
3. You can use any medium.
4. Your artwork must be finished in 10 minutes or less.

And that’s it! Once you’re done, tag 2 or 3 other artists so they can join in the craziness!

Sooo, this is what I managed to do in 10 minutes, lol.

And the finished painting:

10 Minute Painting Challenge

Size: 8×10 inches.
Medium: Acrylics on canvas board.


Hi, I’m Kat! An Australian artist who loves painting fantasy characters and illustrations.


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