Mandy chose trees as our next challenge and while it took me forever to decide on what medium to use, I finally settled on using something I bought about a year ago (maybe more…), but never really tried – Derivan’s Liquid Pencil!

It’s basically graphite in liquid form that can be thinned down with water or used as it is for really dark tones. There are two varieties available – Rewettable and Permanent. I only bought the Rewettable one because as it’s name says, you can rewet or reactivate it with water. You can also erase it when it’s dry, not quite as much as regular graphite, but it can be lightened a bit.

There are six different shades available: Grey 3, Grey 9, Yellow, Blue, Red and Sepia. I only used Grey 9 for this tree but I did also buy a little jar of the Sepia which is really pretty. I’ll have to paint something with that very soon!

It was a really enjoyable experience using the Liquid Pencil, not to mention fast! Regular graphite lays down very well over it also, so the two can be used quite well together. This drawing/painting was finished in about an hour, so it definitely speeds things up! I really loved how dark I was able to get the tree in the foreground, with regular graphite it would’ve taken quite a while to achieve that darkness but with the Liquid Pencil, it only took a couple of minutes.

One more great thing about this product is that it’s an acrylic based formula, so brushes/hands can simply be cleaned with soap and water.

If you can’t tell, I’m really happy with this product and look forward to trying it again! I’m not sure how well it would work for portraits but for larger areas like backgrounds or landscapes, it is perfect!

Have you used this medium before? Tell me about your experience below!

Liquid Pencil

Size: 5×7 inches.
Medium: Graphite & Derivan Liquid Pencil on watercolour paper.
Reference: From Pixabay.


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