Every day in November I’ll upload a new bird painting or drawing as part of my new series!

30 Days of Birds – Day Twenty-Six

This is a Lilac-breasted Roller. I have seen quite a few artists paint and draw these birds and at first I thought they were exaggerating all the colours – until I actually saw photos of the birds themselves. Wow. So many colours on one little bird!

Needless to say, I had so much fun with this painting! Partly because I haven’t painted like this for months and partly because this bird had so many bright colours! I was really free with my brush strokes and just had fun as I painted rather than worry about being perfect. I had that artwork that simply didn’t work (Day Nine), and now I have the artwork that just worked from beginning to end.

If only they were all like this!

But that’s why I keep painting and drawing, for the times when I just love everything about whatever I’m making. It may not be technically perfect, but my level of happiness makes it perfect to me.

I kept the background really dark because I wanted the colours to be as bright as possible. If you want something to look bright/light, then simply keep everything else around it dark. I used Mars Black along with a little Liquitex Transparent Mixing White to lighten the cloud colours so they stood out, but not so much that they became too opaque. TMW is fantastic for this because while it is a white paint, it’s actually transparent (as the name states), and will lighten colours without making them opaque. So it’s wonderful for glazing too!

30 Days of Birds - Day Twenty-Six

Size: 5×7 inches.
Medium: Derivan Matisse Flow acrylics on canvas board.
Reference: From Pixabay.


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