Every day in November I’ll upload a new bird painting or drawing as part of my new series!

30 Days of Birds – Day Twenty-Nine

Day Twenty-Nine’s bird is a Rainbow Lorikeet in coloured pencils.

These birds are gorgeous and definitely deserve the name Rainbow. We have quite a few of these birds that visit our yard regularly, and they are cheeky! They can be pretty loud too and it’s easy to tell when a flock is flying over or they’re all having an argument in the streets nearby, their chirping kind of carries. But I do love them.

Since this bird has so many different colours I decided to work on one area at a time – sort of. I mostly finished the blue part of his head to moved onto the yellow part of his neck, then the green wings, orange chest and so on. I normally don’t work this way, but it really helped with this bird because each area was different.

I used Luminance and Polychromos pencils again. I know either brand would be fine on their own, but I quite enjoy using them together.

30 Days of Birds - Day Twenty-Nine

Size: 2.5×3.5 inches.
Medium: Coloured pencil on ColourFix Artist Trading Card.
Reference: From MorgueFile.


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