This painting took me a while to complete, not that it was overly complex or anything like that, I simply struggled to like what I was painting. I was happy with my initial idea and it was looking okay, but then I decided I hated the background and changed it. So, instead of being a pale green with pretty pink flowers, it became dark green with glowy things!

But you know what? It’s okay to change your mind as you paint!

(I’m referring to personal paintings here, not commissioned artworks. If you’re working on a commission you must discuss any changes with your client and gain their approval beforehand. But for your own projects – do what you like!)

If you don’t like that background, change it! If you don’t like that colour, paint over it! You are the one doing the creating, so you are the one who makes the decisions.

Change things if you must. Just do whatever it takes to make it work for you!

So make some decisions and enjoy your work!

change your mind

Winsor and Newton Artists oils on 9×12 inch Gessoboard by Ampersand Art Supplies.


Hi, I’m Kat! An Australian artist who loves painting fantasy characters and illustrations.


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