Last weekend Sketch Fest #100 was on! If you’re not familiar with SF, it’s a fantastic place where people suggest prompts for artists to create something new/crazy/fun, but – whatever it is must be created within one hour. You can find out more about it here:

Ellen Million is the mastermind behind it all, a woman who never stops working for the benefit of artists all over the world.

50 artists from all over the world took part this month, creating over 350 sketches! That’s a lot of sketching! SF is on every month and has been happening for years (obviously, or we wouldn’t have reached 100). I’ve been taking part on and off since 2011.

It really is a whole lot of fun sketching random ideas and commenting on what each other is doing. Every month is different and anyone can suggest prompts! We’ve had some really interesting and inspiring prompts through the years.

I managed to do four sketches this time, all of them were digital. As much as I love using my sketchbook, it’s just a lot faster and easier to change things when I work digitally.

My first sketch was inspired by Jenny Heidewald’s prompt: “The Dashing Rake.” This guy was such a pain to draw and this is the second attempt of the sketch. Took the whole hour to get him to this point since I started and scrapped my first idea, then started again and finished here. As stubborn as he was, I do like how he ended up.

My second sketch was inspired by Jools62’s prompt, “Dragon King.” It took me a little under an hour to work out what in the world I was trying to draw. I’m working on a final painting of him in watercolour right now! 

In third we have, “The Hunter’s Moon,” prompted by Regina Mailloux. Originally I was going to put a really big moon behind him, but then thought I’d make the moon smaller so the moonlight could hit the landscape below in a more subtle way.

And last, but not least, we have “Decorative Art Nouveau Guy,” suggested by Anke Wehner. I’ve never drawn anything in an art nouveau style before and spent most of the time trying to figure out a background before scrapping it and going with really simple circles… Nearly ran out of time for the guy himself, oops!

I really want to work more on this one to see if I can capture that Art Nouveau feel.

All in all, it was a really fun weekend and I strongly encourage you to give Sketch Fest a go! It doesn’t matter if you’ve been drawing for 20 years or 2 minutes, all skill levels are welcome, the point is just to have a bit of fun with art!


Hi, I’m Kat! An Australian artist who loves painting fantasy characters and illustrations.


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