"Disapproval" Watercolour painting, A5

Sennelier l’aquarelle watercolour pans on Arches smooth watercolour paper. A5 (6×8 inches).

He disapproves greatly of…something.

Do you ever just need a specific colour in your artwork and then struggle to find others that work with it? Well, that was me working on this, lol!

The colour scheme for this painting revolved completely around his hair. And that made other colour choices tricky! I did a few colour tests before working on the full sized image and while they helped (a lot), they didn’t solve every issue. Sometimes you just have to dive right into painting!

My printer uses lightfast pigmented ink that’s also waterproof, so the lines were printed again.

I’ve been posting a few sketches on my social media accounts. Follow me on Instagram, Twitter and now Tumblr for sneak peeks!

More elves! https://www.kathrynwhiteford.com/category/a-year-of-elves/


Hi, I’m Kat! An Australian artist who loves painting fantasy characters and illustrations.


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