What do you love?

I’m one of those “Been drawing since I could hold a pencil,” kind of artists and love creating art in different media. With a passion for all things fantasy from books, comics, animation, video games and more, my paint and pencils always drift to this genre.

What do you see?

While painting in and of itself is a wonderful pursuit, my heart longs to tell stories. Stories in visual form. To make you, the viewer think a bit deeper about what you see and the story behind all.

Past accomplishments.

I’ve been Professional Illustrator since the mid 2000s and worked with the best clients from around the world on character portraits, illustrations, fantasy based family portraits and more.

Recently I had the pleasure of illustrating a children’s book for a lovely Australian author!

Resonating beauty.

I would love the opportunity to work together and make something beautiful. So, if any of this resonates with you, please email me directly with the kind of illustration you’re after: kat@kathrynwhiteford.com

To make sure we’ll be a good fit for each other, please familiarize yourself with the kind of work I do in my Portfolio.

Personal and commercial enquiries are welcome!

Hearth & home.

Geelong, Australia is the beautiful bay side city I call home. And is shared with my husband, our son and a crazy yellow-eyed, black cat named Flynn.


We all believe in something. I personally believe that Jesus Christ is my Saviour and that God gave me a love of art to share with others.