Kathryn Whiteford

Hi, I’m Kat! An Australian artist who loves painting fantasy based characters and illustrations. I use both digital and traditional media in my work (because who can really choose one over the other anyway?).

When I’m not painting you can usually find me taking photos with my hubby, watching Studio Ghibli movies (Howl’s Moving Castle is my favourite movie in the world!), reading fantasy YA novels or drooling over Mustangs (as in the car, but I do love horses too).

In 2019 I started a new series: A Year of Elves. Learn more about the series in this blog post. You can also follow my elvish journey on Instagram and Twitter. #yearofelves

I live in Geelong, Australia with my hubby, Andrew, our teenage son (wow, I’m old enough to have a teenager…when did this happen?), and a crazy cat named Flynn.

I’m a follower of Jesus and hope to share some of His love as I try and function in this world.

Anyhoos, I hope you enjoy my work! If you’d like to get in touch just send me an email: kat@kathrynwhiteford.com.