Hi, I’m Kat! An Australian fantasy illustrator and character artist who loves telling stories with pictures. From my portfolio you can see I draw a lot of elves, but round eared folk (as in, humans), are okay too. 😉

When I’m not drawing pointy eared folk and such, you can usually find me taking photos of Mustangs (I might be slightly obsessed with them…).

I live in Geelong, Australia with my photographer hubby, Andrew, our teenage son who’s following his own creative path and a crazy cat named Flynn. I’m also a follower of Jesus and hope to share a bit of His love in this world.

Anyhoos, I hope you enjoy my work and this little bit of rambling about who I am! You can see works in progress and over on Instagram and speed paintings/drawings on YouTube.

I’m open for private commissions and freelance work. If you’d like to get in touch just send me an email: kat@kathrynwhiteford.com.