Mermay 2022

Mermay is an annual challenge where artists are encourage to paint a mermaid every day for the month of May, hence the name Mer-May. I love challenges like this and wanted to take part in some fashion. I knew I wouldn’t have time for 31 mermaids this month, but wanted to at least paint one […]

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Golden Fields

I’ve been getting back into line art recently and had so much fun working on this illustration! I simply adore artworks that mix line art with painterly backgrounds and wanted to try it again for myself. Inspiration for the pose and costume was from ArmStreet who make the most amazing and high quality costumes! We

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I painted a cat. ^_^ There’s not much else to say about it really. *shrugs* I was testing out some new techniques in Photoshop and ended up with a floofy feline. Pretty happy with the finished result.

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